Electronic Supplement to
A Comprehensive Relocation of Earthquakes in Taiwan from 1991 to 2005

by Yih-Min Wu, Chien-Hsin Chang, Li Zhao, Ta-Liang Teng and Mamoru Nakamura

This page provides the catalog of the relocated earthquakes in Taiwan from January 1991 to December 2005. There are a total of 267,211 earthquakes. T

hey are listed here by the year with the number of events in the year. Each line contains the relevant parameters for an event. They are, from left to right,

the event's date (year/month/day) and time (hour:minute and second), latutude (degree), longitude (degree), and depth (km), magnitude, number of stations

used in relocation, epicentral distance (km) to the nearest station, gap (degree), relocation result's RMS (sec), ERH (km) and ERZ (km), focal depth control

(F: free run; X: fixed depth), number of phases picked, and the quality of the result.

Click on each year to view or download the catalog.

1991 [4634 events, 2799KB]
1992 [4322 events, 2619KB]
1993 [5242 events, 3217KB]
1994 [16329 events, 10035KB]
1995 [14018 events, 8588KB]
1996 [15194 events, 9294KB]
1997 [14630 events, 8951KB]
1998 [14254 events, 8748KB]
1999 [46475 events, 28770KB]
2000 [22913 events, 14079KB]
2001 [15491 events, 9509KB]
2002 [27030 events, 16578KB]
2003 [24646 events, 15076KB]
2004 [20841 events, 12764KB]
2005 [21192 events, 13010KB


























































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